Shinkendo Buken Atlanta (SBA) is a traditional Japanese dojo providing instruction in the sword arts of Shinkendo (真剣道) and Toyama-ryū Battōdō (戸山流抜刀道) as well as Aikibujutsu and Bojutsu. SBA is an official ISF / AB / KTRR dojo.

SBA’s Shibucho (支部長 / branch director) and head instructor is Jimmy Kincaid.

Jimmy Kincaid Jimmy Kincaid and the founder of Shinkendo - Obata Toshishiro, Kaiso.

Jimmy Sensei has been studying Shinkendo and related arts since 2008 and taught several years as the senior instructor at Japanese Swordsmanship of Gwinnett under Shibucho Nayef Smith. Jimmy has spent considerable time training under Kaiso and Obata Yukishiro Soke both locally and at the ISF Honbu (headquarters) in Los Angeles. Jimmy’s notable ranks include:

  • Shinkendo - Ji-i (i.e. 3rd degree black belt)
  • Shinkendo Nitoken Kata (two-sword) - Shoden (i.e. 1st degree black belt)
  • Toyama Ryu - Sandan (i.e. 3rd degree black belt)
  • Aikido & Aikibujutsu - Shodan (i.e. 1st degree black belt)


Shinkendo (真剣道)


Shinkendo Local Shinkendo Seminar

Gorin Gohō Gogyō (五輪五法五行)

  1. Suburi (素振り) - sword swinging methods
  2. Battōhō (抜刀法) - sword drawing methods
  3. Tanrengata (鍛錬型) - solo “forging” forms i.e. kata
  4. Tachiuchi (太刀打ち) - partnered sparring
  5. Tameshigiri (試し切り) - test cutting

SBA students will train in these five areas with a variety of practice weapons and eventually graduate to performing tameshigiri with a shinken (真剣 / real sword). These practice weapons include the traditional curved wooden bokuto (木刀), straight waxwood bokuto (Shinkendo specific), and traditional steel iaito (居合刀).

Inazuma (double cut) Tameshigiri

As an adjunct to the Shinkendo curriculum, students will also receive training in the art of Toyama-ryū Battōdō (戸山流抜刀道) - a sword art developed post WWI in 1925 to train the Imperial Japanese Army. Toyama-ryū Battōdō is a battlefield sword art that focuses on rapid deployment of the sword in multiple directions against multiple targets. For more information, please see the Kokusai Toyama Ryū Renmei (国際戸山流連盟 / International Toyama Ryū Federation / KTRR) Honbu website .

Shinkendo and the ISF were created by world renowned swordsman, martial artist, and author Obata Toshishiro . For more details please see the ISF Honbu (headquarters) website .

Aikidō (合気道) and Aikibujutsu (合気武術)


Aikibujutsu Jimmy Kincaid receiving Nagewaza (投げ技 / throwing technique) from Obata Toshishiro, Kaiso.

Aikidō and Aikibujutsu are empty-handed arts that rely on technique and body mechanics rather than force to subdue an opponent without causing injury — essentially, harmonizing with your opponents in order to defeat them. Techniques include throws, joint-locks, and controls. These methods are employed by law enforcement agencies around the globe, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police, and comprise an effective and unique system of self-defense.

Bōjutsu (棒武術) is an Aikibujutsu bukiwaza (武器技 / weapon technique) utilizing the rokushakubō (六尺棒 / 6-foot long-staff). Bōjutsu technique is based on classical samurai methods as well as those of Ryūkyū Kobudō (classical Okinawan martial arts), and shares similarities with the handling basics of the yari (spear) and naginata (glaive). SBA students that wish to train in Bōjutsu are not required to participate in Aiki but are free to do so. Likewise, Aiki students are free to participate in Bōjutsu class. For more details on Aikibujutsu and Bōjutsu, please see the Aiki-Buken (AB) Honbu website .


Please see the calendar for up-to-date schedule changes, cancellations, holidays, and special events.

Aikido / Aikibujutsu

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6:45PM - 7:45PM
  • Saturdays: 9:30AM - 10:30AM


  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7:45PM - 8:45PM
  • Saturdays: 10:30AM - 11:30AM

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